"Good products are no longer threatened by better ones, but by boring and cheaper articles. Uniqueness and high-quality are increasingly endangered by inferior mass production. We should develop a friendly relationship with things that surround us in our every-day life. Your gifts and articles of daily use should become old cherished pieces. 

It is my wish to put together unique products in my online shop that you cannot buy everywhere. You will find unique gift ideas from different parts of handicraft. I hope that you will enjoy my own creations as well as my additional product selection and that you will share my philosophy of uniqueness. You should also come and visit me in my glass blowing studio at the Krusehof in Flensburg."

Dieter Schneider


Glass blown in front of a lamp - in this technique glass tubes and glass sticks are heated in an open flame of a special burner. The raw material is then shaped into the desired form, e. g. of a drinking glass or a vase.

The design technique is chosen in advance. There are various possibilities: the assembly of strings or direct blowing into a shape, surface design by applying colors or mineral salts, shaping handlings like pressing, sucking, pulling, skidding, blowing etc.

The objects are freely modeled. This free design results in unique, distinctive characteristics. Tiny work traces or slightly curved glass edges underline the liveliness and uniqueness of a glass blower's work and distinguish it from industrial production. 

Also choice and combination of different colors that are processed prove the objects' creative uniqueness. Everything flows, everything moves and there is only one attempt for a successful creation.




-     1978 - 1980 participation in a funding competition of  

handicrafts Rhineland-Palatinate

-     since 1982 attendance at Ambiente/Tendenze international

trade fairs in Frankfurt am Main  

-     1984 - 1985 study trip at Pilchuck glass school USA

-     1984 German - Danish exhibition im museums in

Flensburg and Tondern

-     1985 participation in the Coburger Glaspreis

-     1985 - 1986 traveling exhibition in Japan/Australia/China

-     1988 - 1991 participation in an exhibition in New York

-     1991 exhibitions "Glass blown in front of a lamp" in the 

museum of glass Immenhausen/Lobmeier Wien and in the gallery Borgward Bremen

-     1992 Norddeutsche Trienale Schloss Gottorf/Riihimäki


-     1996 fire brigade museum Norderstedt

-     1997 ethnological museum Hamburg

-     1998 participation in an exhibition in Luxemburg

-     1999 annual exhibition at Schloss Husum

-     2000 ethnological museum Hamburg

-     2001 fire brigade museum Nordersted

-     2002 participation in an exhibition in the gallery C. Corol in

Barcelona, Spain

-     2004 fire brigade museum Hamburg

-     2006 participation in the 3. Immenhausener

glass competition; awarded with the 2. prize

-     attendance at various glass symposia in



-     glass museum in Wertheim

-     urban museum in Flensburg

-     Corning Museum in New York, USA

-     glass museum in Ebeltoft, Denmark

-     glass museum Immenhausen

-     UKAI glass museum Tokyo, Japan